Saturday, May 15, 2010

This place is GREAT!

After a great night in Dartmouth MA Anna and I said our goodbyes and pushed off the dock at 7 AM. We passed under the Fairhaven New Bedford swing bridge cranked up the RPMs and made our way for Mystic CT. We planned on staying in Mystic for two days to wait out the strong winds, but as it turned out the weather didn't blow as was predicted so it was off to Deep River CT after one night. Our run to Mystic was a bit rougher than we would have liked, we made a decision that it was worth the discomfort to get around Point Judith and get as far south as we could before the winds picked up even more. It was seven and a half hours to Mystic, but was it ever worth it. What a beautiful harbor! We stayed at the Brewers Mystic Yard, and after a good nights sleep we made our way to Mystic Seaport Museum. Anna and I had been to the seaport years ago and once again it was well worth it. There is a group of Shipwrights restoring the Morgan, a whaling ship from the 1800's that was launched in New Bedford harbor. I was shocked to learn that the restoration only became possible after a mass of enormous Trees where given to the museum from the cleanup from Hurricane Katrina. It seems that the timber needed to accurately restore the vessel is nearly impossible to find. It was nice to think that there is at least one good thing that came from such a devastating storm.
After a good lunch on board Blue, Anna and I cast off the lines and made our way for Deep River CT. Deep River is located about 10 miles up the Connecticut River. What a beautiful place. I can only hope that the rivers to come are as wonderful as this. Having arrived, the winds picked up as forcasted and we spent a great day working on the boat, provisioning and pushing back a few cold ones. The people here at Deep River could not be more hospitable, we have been invited to a dock party tonight, it should be loads of fun.

This was the last of the Big fishing boats we saw after leaving New Bedford. They look some impressive as they appear over the horizon headed towards us.

Had to take this shot for Chuck and Melissa. These boats are something.

As we arrived off Mystic the lobster pots were everywhere. Why they paint them black, I have no idea. What a pain in the butt!

We have not idea what hotel this is in Watch Hill R.I., but man it is something. The views must be amazing.

The entrance to the Mystic River was filled with colonial buildings like this one. It made for a great end to long day on the water.

This Nordic Tug "North Star" greeted us as we rounded a bend in the river. I can't remember the names of the owners, but we had spoken with them the year before on Nantucket. As we passed by, they gave us a blast of their horn and a look of a group of people that recognised a boat that was out for more than just an afternoon cruise.

Here is the plan Anna. You tell me when they are not looking and I am going to run up and take that anchor.

The Morgan in dry dock. I was shocked to learn that when complete she will be seaworthy. What a sight that will be.

For some reason I felt the need to show you my favorite exhibit.

The light at the entrance to the Conn. River.

Essex Marina, and the home port of Wylde Yacht Sales. This is where Anna and I first laid our eyes on Blue. What a great town.

As we came in to dock Russ Jones, the owner of this 42 Nordic Tug Polaris helped us tie up. It was my first experience with docking while fighting a river current. You think the wind is bad, think again this was tough. We got her in on the second try, and those who watched us said it was an impressive job. Regardless I had to go below and change my shorts.

The view from the dock at Deep River. If you get the chance this place is a must see.

Here's to you Mr. Shopping Basket with Wheels Inventor!


  1. Seems like an awesome time so far, when are you gonna get a line wet and start telling us about eating fresh bass for dinner?

  2. I'm enjoying following your journey here. Keep up the good work. I'll link your blog to my blog soon so everyone can follow along.

  3. Hi - I came across your blog by accident. My parents have almost finished the Great Loop (they're on the 10+ year plan)! It's an amazing trip - keep an eye out for Harbour Reach from Wickford, RI. Have fun!

    -Beth Russell

  4. Deep River looks great, maybe our next weekend excursion. How was the dock party?

  5. Beth, Thanks for Following along, we will keep a keen I out for your fokes. I havn't caught a fish yet, but I must admit I haven't put in a good effort. Emma the dock party was a blast. Sloppy Joes, UMMMMMMMM!