Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excuse me can you direct me to the A Train?

New York City, what a cool city! Anna and I were so looking forward to this day. I had worked in the city for four years, but had never really taken the time to enjoy any of the cultural aspects of this awesome city. We got up early and took the water taxi to down town. We were sad that it was raining, but were determined to have a great day. In the end it was spectacular. There is something so cool about NYC, it is truly a wonder of the world.

The Bodies Exhibit was out of this world. Thankfully we saw it before lunch.

Visiting Ground Zero was something that I had been avoiding for many years. It was hard for Anna and I not to think that if we had not moved to Nantucket the year before 9/11, I would have been getting off the Path train right as the first plane hit the towers. We knew a few people that lost there lives that day, it was nice to see that the memorial planned for the sight is truly going to be a testament to their spirits.

Anna and I saw FDR's model ship collection at the south st seaport museum.

What's up with the Rain?

One of the main things I wanted to see in NYC. This museum was so cool. A sub, the concord, and the chance to walk through a real aircraft carrier.

To bad most of the museum is out side. It is no longer raining, it is pouring.

The planes on the flight deck were totally cool.
Holy Prop Batman!

Lets hope this scenario never plays out.

Can you believe my arms are almost wider than this Mercury Capsule? I thought our boat was small. Can you say claustrophobia?

Cool Sub. What's the old joke, 60 men go down 30 couples come up. 60 guys, only three heads, not my idea of a good time.

What a view from our slip! Anna and I had to play a little of Franks classics.

This place had the best showers. Anna asked if they would all be like this. I pretended not to hear her.
The Family showes up tomorrow to make the run to our old home town in NJ. I can't wait to come around Sandy Hook, it will be nice to show Blue our old home port on the Navesink River.


  1. From will petes nephew , Had a great time on the boat so many things to do watch t play wii or sleep .(:(:(:

  2. Anna and Pete,

    Thanks from all of us for a wonderful afternoon.