Monday, May 24, 2010

Hudson Bound.

On a foggy morning, Anna and I pushed off from NJ and steamed our way to the mouth of the Hudson River. As we made our way under the Highlands bridge I spotted my Mom waving to us as we passed underneath. I joked to Anna, "You think she is going to jump?" All jokes aside, it was a great thing to do, Mom you are the BEST! Feeling as if the doctor had just cut the umbilical cord, we motored on. There were about fifty clam fisherman out on the water that morning, and it became a bit of a challenge to stay out of their way with the fog rolling through. They gave us the expected nod as we passed. You have to hand it to these guys, they know, if you don't fish you don't get paid. It is a hard life, it is a wonder but when it is in your blood it would be easier to give up breathing. Soon we found ourselves all alone and I would say a good hour went by without Anna or I saying a word, it was one of the most peaceful moments we had had on the boat since we left Nantucket. The Narrows and New York Harbor soon came into view and the fog seemed to lift like a curtain on Broadway. Once again we found ourselves overwhelmed with the magnificence of NYC. The trip up the Hudson to Tarrytown was filled with memorable sights. The view from the water into the city is filled with unbelievable photo opportunities. I had to ask Anna to take the helm as I snapped as many shots as I could. As we passed the GW bridge, the landscape changed and the beauty of the Palisades became apparent. It is so cool how the bank of the Hudson climbs out of the water revealing these wonderful clusters of rocks and trees. Some of the churches and old factories seemed to tell a tale of power and importance that must have existed on this river years ago. The architecture of many of the buildings was just awesome. Finally after seven hours, we pulled into Tarrytown and tied the boat up. After a spaghetti dinner, something never before attempted by us on the boat, we find ourselves totally drained. It will be an early night tonight, what tomorrow will bring is always a mystery. I do know this though, if it is better than today this is sure to be the best year of our lives This Guy was using a tarp to help him pull his rake. I give him a A+ what a great idea.

Anna and I both thought this name was appropriate to be anchored in front of Lady Liberty

The Staten Island Ferry was quite a sight emerging from the fog.

Truly a sight I will never forget.

The architecture of the Building is something I could look at for hours.

It is hard to believe but I am looking at my old office. Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. Sometimes everything you think you want isn't what you want at all. I guess life is a bit strange that way.

This looks like it should be in Washington.

I once tried to recreate this with an erector set.

I think I can. I think I can.

The Light at Tarrytown. Wonder if we will see Rip Van Winkle?


  1. So, I am trying to figure this out- you guys are heading north first, right? Really fun following this adventure. I have you bookmarked. Safe travels, and I hope you find the Gulf oil free by the time you make it there. We are all crossing our fingers here, and getting in a lot of quality boating while we can.

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