Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy Cow! We've been WAKED!

Well getting waked has two meanings today. Not only does it mean a wave caused from a passing boat, it also means getting thrown out of bed at 2 am with the sensation that you are going down. Anna and I arrived in Newburgh at 5 and scrambled to hook up the power and get the AC running. The temperature was fine as we made our way up the river, but once we pulled into the Marina the 90 degree temperature was just oppressive. Feeling that we deserve a treat from our biking adventures, we went up to the local watering hole and got ourselves a nice cold one. Oh how sweet it is. After showers and a few minutes talking with family and friends on the phone it was time to turn in. We sleep in peaceful bliss till 2 am when all hell broke loose. The tide had changed and with it came the Devils army of steel. Barge after barge made their way up river leaving in their path a wave right out of the movie "Big Wednesday". OK so I am exaggerating a bit, but it was big enough to wake us from a dead sleep and have us holding on for dear life praying that there will be no damage to the boat when it stopped. Suddenly we knew why this dock was so cheap. I was able to fall back to sleep, but Anna spent a few hours watching the tugs push their way up the river. In the morning we pushed off early happy to leave this place behind us. Tonight we are in Kingston. It is hot as hell out, but we are happy to find ourselves in such a neat town. As we entered the harbor we were greeted by a buffet of tugs tied along the towns waterfront. Kingston is the home to the Hudson Maritime Museum, a place that was high on our list of things to see. Anna and I were overjoyed to see that they were not closed on Wednesday. The Museum will filled with painting of old tugs and river boats. I was most taken by there collection of ice boats. After the Museum we took a walk through town. As with many towns it is clear that our economy has been hard on Kingston. Many of the stores are closed, and rental signs can be seen in many of the windows. Aside from this, what was open was wonderful. The Waterfront has many great restaurants and Bistros. Anna and I plan to eat on the boat tonight, but we both think a stroll through downtown is in order for the evening.

This tug was built in 1890.
Once again the size of the prop is just amazing.

It is hard to see but this is an old gaff rig ice boat displayed on its side.

The town of Kingston is right out of an old movie.

On the river you can see the tops of houses appearing out of the trees.

This guy has got the solar thing figured out.

I could smell the good grub as we passed the Culinary Institute on America.

Anna and I looked at one of these Lord Nelsons before we bought Blue. They are a great boat and would have been a good choice for our trip.

Mobey has found a new pass time. Hunting Ducks.


  1. Wow - glad you guys survived the wake! Sounds like Kingston is a town of tugs, you must feel right at home. It's Figawi, and as the madness begins - a woman (on foot) robbed the bank at the rotary. She was apprehended almost immediately - where would she go anyway, haha! Have a fun Memorial Day weekend guys :)

  2. Hey guys hope your having fun. Checking everyday on your progress. Stay safe and smooth cruising.
    Jim & Gail Ellis