Monday, May 17, 2010

Anna were not in Deep River anymore!

Leaving Deep River CT. We Fueled the boat. $3.30 a gal. Not bad when compared to Nantucket

The train bridge at the base of the River

Holy Cow it our first boat. We miss the old girl, she is the perfect boat for Nantucket.
Privateer, the toughest boat on the water!
Branford Ct.

Deep River. Did I tell you we like Deep River?? Well I can't tell you enough. The people there are the best and we enjoyed a great Saturday night in their company. As for Branford, well lets just say it's no Deep River. Sunday Morning we awoke to beautiful sunrise on the Connecticut River. As we sat and had our coffee a family of ducks came to visit us on the boat. Those little ducklings couldn't have been more that a week old. Spring is definitely in the air here. After a quick breakfast it was time to cast off the lines and head down river. Some of our new B dock friends came buy and helped us cast off wishing us well on our journey. The trip down the river was beautiful and I got a chance to really take it in as Anna took the helm for the day. I can't tell you how happy I am that she has the confidence to do this. Sitting at the wheel for 7000 miles is sure to get taxing, having her willing and able to run the boat is a big relief. Our arrival to Branford was uneventful, the sound was as flat as it could be, the Bass are running here. Has anyone caught the first Keeper on Nantucket? Docking was a breeze compared to yesterday and we enjoyed a great lunch with Anna's parents at the dockside cafe. We had a great time and were so happy they made the trip down from there home outside of Hartford. As they departed, it was a bit sad, it will be a long time till we see them again. Once back on the boat we did some spring cleaning and laundry. Anna and I have decided to make a run for NY City in the morning, we both wanted to go down the East River on a clear day and the forecast is for rain in the middle of the week. So off to the Big Apple it will be. I can't wait to see the Statue of Liberty from the water. That is sure to be a sight.

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  1. PS - I saw Tootsie out on the water Saturday afternoon! I gave her a big wave but the people prolly thought I was a crazy woman. Hope you're having fun in NYC :)