Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do People fish in this town or what!

We got a late start leaving Hyannis. Anna's parents took the Hyline over from Nantucket in the morning and we all went to Breakfast at Panera. There is an interesting phenomenon about Panera, I have never been in there and not bumped into someone from Nantucket. I guess it is that or MacDonald's. Having no fast food restaurants on Nantucket can lead people to crave interesting things. After a short visit and sad goodbye Anna and I pushed off for Fairhavern. Having not been to this port before Anna and I had asked around for a recommendation on a good location to dock. Our friend Chuck recommended Niemiec Marine. Niemiec is a old school ship yard just past the New Bedford Fairhaven Bridge. We called and were delighted to find that they had room and that there price per foot for the night was 2 dollars less than the Marinas on the other side of the bridge. So off we went. New Bedford harbor is truly a fishing port. It looked like we had been transported to the deadliest Catch. The boats were huge and there were so many of them. You could smell the catch in the air which was amusing to Mobey who reacted like crazed retiree waiting for a free buffet. After we docked, I was struck with the realization that we were had pulled in right behind the Foxy Lady. I had heard of such Exotic Dance establishments and was quickly relieved that it was Anna's decision to stay here and not mine. We both got a good chuckle from it. I must say it was a bit amusing to call our friends and say "Oh you cant miss us we will be right outside the strip Club". To Funny!

Anna's parents Fred and Janet

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the William Bowe from the Discovery Channels Lobster Wars.

Here is one for the inappropriate name contest.

This boat was aground in Woods Hole as we passed through Broadway. Anna asked "What we should do?" I responded, "Not go there" Once again chin pain.

The sea wall as you enter New Bedford. In the event of of hurricane this gate closes protecting down town New Bedford from the storm surge.

The light as you enter New Bedford

A fraction of the Fleet.

I am not sure but I think Blues engine surged a bit as we passed this huge tug.

Our First swing bridge. Too cool!


  1. ha! Loved the comment about Mobey like a crazed retiree! MEOW :)

  2. Thanks Ema he seems to be taking to this Cruising thing. Thanks god!