Monday, May 24, 2010

A Crab Fisherman in training

One of the best things about going home to NJ was being able to spend some time with my nephew Will. Living on Nantucket, we don't get to see family as much as we would like. Anna and I often say that we had might as well live in California. Getting to and from the Island is always an adventure. Seeing an opportunity to get in some good bonding time, Anna and I invited Will to stay with us on the boat for two nights. We had a great time, he is a wonderful kid and I think will grow up to be an accomplished boater.

It has been a long time since I sat through a little league game. Thanks Will for the invitation.

Anna had fun teaching Will how to be cool.

Will Lets go for a boat ride!

OK, we want to avoid the boats, not head right at them.

Watching Will take the helm, Priceless!


  1. hey pete its will my mom agreed to let us make a "faimly" gmail account so we can officaly follow ur blog and so we can post comments. Have a great trip

  2. Great Will Anna and I look forward to hearing your comments. Have fun on your last few weeks of school.