Saturday, May 8, 2010

T Minus 72 hours

Anna's Birthday Dinner. Umm Sushi

Good old Blue rigged with the bikes on top and ready to go

Our home on land. See you next year.

Our new HBI, that is Hard Bottom Inflatable in boat talk. It is to be our taxi for the next year, bringing us to and from shore.

Right before we stuck down the name and hailing port on the bottom. This is always stressful, it is a one shot deal. Because our boat is federally documented the name and hailing port must be visible on the stern of the boat. With our HBI being stored on the back swim platform, it blocks our boat name and port, thus the need to put the name on the bottom.

It is hard to believe but I think we are ready to go. Anna and I have had a full first week on the boat. Many of our evenings have been spent with friends, it is a bittersweet feeling to know that we will not see many of them for a hole year. Tonight some of our closest friends organised a party at the Nantucket Anglers Club to give us a good sendoff. It's sure to be a great time with a formidable headache in the morning. Our evenings at the Club are always a blast, the people are some of the best always good for a laugh and a smile. Thinking back on our first week I would be remiss not to mention that we had our first birthday on board. Anna and I celebrated her 36th birthday on Monday, we got some sushi takeout and a bottle of wine. What a great way to start our adventure. With 72 hours till we push off the dock and round Brant Point we intend on soaking up Nantucket and all our friends so they can stay fresh in our hearts and minds till our return next year.

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  1. Hi --

    Every year I pick a boat (and it's people) doing the loop and follow religiously looking for information, experiences and advice. (I was following Jim and Lisa on Kismet before they were famous). This year -- you're it!

    I know how much effort it must be to drag out the computer and post after a hard day, so I just wanted to know that at least one person (and it looks like already 20 or so more) are enjoying your work.

    We are getting close to taking the stick out of our 36 foot motorsailer and doing the loop in 2012, so following Looper blogs is becoming more than just a pastime.

    Have a great, great trip.

    Paul Kessinger
    Wilton, CT