Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anna I'm not responsible for anything I do with my dad and Uncle.

Buckle your seat belts the Dynamic Duo is inbound, my Dad and my Uncle, two of my best buddys. What a blast it is to have them on the boat with us. Early on Wed Morning my Mom drove these two guys up to Liberty State Park to make the run to my hometown, Red Bank NJ. Leaving the port in Hoboken, we where once again given a great view of the Statue of Liberty. As the boat turned south, we could see through the Narrows and the Verizano bridge. Off in the distance I could see the highlands of NJ. My Grandfather grew up in Highlands, many a night was spent listening to his wonderful stories of gangsters and bootleggers. When I was a boy I used to think that the stories were all made up, later in life I discovered that they were all true. His life was right out of a movie. Splitting bottles of booze in his basement after school while his father sold thier catch of fish was a regular activity. The Liquor was often gained through a trade with the men anchored three miles off Sandy Hook in international waters. These boats where filled with liquor, and a fisherman could trade for some with a catch of fish and supplies from the mainland. It is hard to believe but most everyone was involved in those days. My Grandfather told me that one of his friends was the son of the local Coast Guard Commander on Sandy Hook, and he made a ton of money riding on the fishing boats. If your boat had that kid on board, the coasties would turn a blind eye. When Anna and I lived in NJ we got our first apartment right below the Twin Lights of Highlands. It was a great old fishing town filled with little clam shacks and bait stands. As our boat passed Earl Naval Base, we both were filled with fond memories of this cool little town. Our trip down the Navesink River was also a trip down memory lane. The river is lined with some of the most affluent estates outside of the city, home to Bon Jovi, Geraldo, Bruce Springsteen, and at one time the Penskes. The lawns are perfect and the homes are right out of House and Garden. At the end of the river lies Red Bank. We slid into the Monmouth Boat Club and were greeted with warm smiles and open arms. When I was a kid I would sit in Monmouth Park and watch the ice boats run out of the club. Monmouth Boat Club has one of the impressive ice boating fleets I have ever seen. It is truly a sight to see these boats moving at 50 miles per hour across the river. Our stay at Monmouth was great, only made better when I was told that there was a keg of beer on the second floor that is all you can drink for a 50 dollars a season if you are a member. Anna quickly lay down the law and advised me that just because you can have all you want doesn't mean you should. Once again, I saw how lucky I am to have such a wise wife.

I will never get tired of this sight.

The view of downtown. I don't think I will ever get used to the Towers not being there.
The new attraction at Disney Land, "The Lifeboat Express". It has got to be a two story drop.
The Verizano Bridge
The Lighthouse as you round Sandy Hook and leave the Ambrose Channel.
Holy Smokes there is an aircraft carrier at Earl. I got to take a picture.
I don't think these guys will mind.
OK. OK. We get it, don't come any closer.
Could it be President Obama? There were three of them.
Anna and my first apartment right on the Sea Bright inlet in Highlands.
Barnacle Bills. If you stay in Atlantic Highlands or the rivers, you must eat at this restaurant. Get a spot at the bar and get a handful of peanuts from the barrel next to the door. Order a Long Island Ice Tee and a Cheddar Burger. Peel the Peanuts and throw the shells on the floor as you wait. This is by far the best burger in NJ. As a matter of fact, it is the best Burger I have ever had. Anna and I love to eat here and look out at the river. ITS THE BEST!
Bon Jovi's House on the River.
The Monmouth Boat Club in Downtown Red Bank.
Good times were had on Blues top deck.
Will and Grace, my niece and nephew. How big are you guys going to be when we get back?
Blue safe in her slip on the river.
Anna give me those quarters we been lugging around.
A NJ Tradition!

Bruce Springsteen's Driveway.
Why did I take a picture?
1. I know where it is.
2. He is the Boss right?

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  1. You have some great pictures. Thanks for telling us about your blog!
    Candy (Isle of Skye)