Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Morning Roy.

It is hard to know where to start, it has been a wonderful week on Blue. The weather continues to be great and the anchorages continue to impress. The day after our last blog entree Anna and I made a short jump on the outside of the small craft channel to see the Bustard Islands. What was expected to be a one night stop turned to two. We anchored in a small cove called Bustard Harbor and as far as we are concerned it was the most beautiful place we have ever been. We anchored and stern tied Blue to the rocks and trees on the bank of the cove. As we explored the area we found hundreds of Blueberry bushes ripe for the picking. It has been a week of Muffins and Pancakes all with fresh blueberries. Not good for the waistline but Umm Umm Good! I wish we could have stayed in the Bustards for a few more days, but with high winds forecasted for the next few days we made a decision to make a run for the Collins Inlet and Killarney. Leaving early in the morning at first light we hoped to beat the wind. Much to our disappointment we were not quick enough, our lovely night in the Bustards was worth it but know we were paying the price with four to five foot seas on the beam. For the first time on the trip Anna felt seasick and I must say I was extremely uncomfortable as well. About two hours into it I decided to screw the fuel curve and pushed Blues engine to the max. There was only one way get through it and that was full speed ahead. It was a long hour till Beaverstone Bay were we found relief in the lee of the inlet, I was relieved to be out of the slop, once again we have found that the waters of the Great Lakes are nothing to take lightly. Anna said, "look at the brightside know we don't have to wash the bugs off the boat." Poor Blue was practically submerged by two or three sets of swells but I must say I am so proud of Anna, she has become quite the seaman. Regardless we opted to spend the night on the dock in Killarney rather than at anchor. Sometimes you just got to put your feet on solid ground and this was one of those times. Anna and I enjoyed a pizza from a local shop and it was a great night. As we sat a whole group of Nordic Tugs came in and docked around us. It was lots of fun and there was great conversation about the boats. All the boats were bought through Jay Kraft out of Traverse City and one again great things were said about their operation. We also met a great group of people that had know us from our blog. It was just unbelievable to find that there are people out there that our following our trip that we have never met. Dave and his brothers and wives where loads of fun to talk to, Anna and I had a great evening in their company, what a great group of people. The next day we made our way to Baie Fine, we had heard of a great hike we could take to the top of Frazer Mountain, a spot were we could see all of Georgians Bay. The hike as tough, lots of boulders and downed trees to maneuver over, but the view was spectacular. Today we find ourselves in Little Current a small town marking one of the last major stops we will have before reentering into the United States. You might wonder how we get our news this far out in the country. As you can tell from how long it is between blog entries that Internet is a pipe dream, and cell service is even worse. Every morning we tune our VHF radio to channel 71 and listen in to Roy as he gives his Cruisers Net update. He gives us the American and Canadian headlines weather and notice to Mariners. At the end of his report he opens his channel to relay locations of boats to other cruisers. We wait with great anticipation to hear the location of other boats we have met along our trip. When he asks about the region we are located, we key the mike and say "Good Morning Roy this is motor vessel Blue Yonder calling from Mary Ann Cove in Baie Fine" It is a great service Roy has given to the cruisers, he made our day when he announced that the BP had finally been able to cap the well in the gulf. We have been waiting to decide if we would have to give up our dream of going down the rivers to the gulf, but now it looks like we will make it. We hope to cross over into the United States in about ten days. Today we will make a run to the Benjamin Islands, I am told they are as nice as the Bustards, if they are we will be there for a few days. From there we will head up the wales back channel to Spragge. We had met a nice couple in Waterford from Spragge and have wanted to check it out ever since. From there it will be to Blind River and on to Drummund Island in the good old USA. Till then get your short wave radios out and maybe you will hear, "Good morning Roy this is Blue Yonder docked at Little Current making way to the Benjamin Islands and the Waleback Channel while have the time of our lives!"

That's not sand!


The Bustards.

Blue Anchored and tied to shore.

What did you say? Snake?

What a spot.

This place will be with us for ever. Anna and I had two Aunts pass away last year, on this day we spent a lot of time talking of them and wishing they could have been here with us. We know Linda and Ann would have loved this place.

The small town of Killarny was a welcome relief from the high seas.

The small town charm is just great.

Watch out you've got a sea plane coming up on your stern.

Baie Fine was just great.

The view from the top of mountain was just great.

Don't trip, it a long way down.

Feeling like we climbed Everest we all took the time for pictures.

Just awesome!

Another sunset in Little Current.