Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can you hear me now? NO?

As many of you might have noticed, it has been a bit longer since our last blog than usual. Well I must say, finding an Internet signal has become an issue. Canada has good coverage, but the roaming charges are crazy. On a better note, the landscape on the Trent has been been getting better and better, and with each day we find ourselves boating farther and farther into untouched waters. The lakes of Canada seems to give off a feeling similar to the coast of Maine. Summer cottages can be found on the shores, and one finds themselves traveling many miles without any signs of human life, then all of a sudden a small summer community comes into view. The Canadian boating season is brief, but much like the flowers and trees, they are determined to get the most out of the summer. For the past week Anna and I have been traveling with a wonderful couple we met during our time with the convoy of American Tugs. Bill and Laura Peters have been great cruising companions. When Anna and I left Nantucket and started our journey, we were not sure if we would easily make new friends. If you look at the average age of the people that attempt the great loop, we are a good thirty years below the average. One thing I have found is that although the age of the looper is usually much older than I, everyone I have met has the drive and spirit of a person thriving for adventure. The people that are doing this trip are some of the nicest I have ever met. With each group Anna and I meet, we seem find ourselves saying "wow what a nice group of people". Now let me say a few things about Canada and its people. So far our experience in Canada has been truly unbelievable, and I attribute it all to the people. This past holiday Anna and I spent with the Peters in the town of Orilla with the hopes of enjoying a wonderful Canada Day. Much like in the US, the Canadians celebrate there countries Independence in July, but on the 1st. The day was spectacular, the people all wore pins, shirts, hats and stickers expressing their pride in Canada. It was hard not to get wrapped up in the festive feelings surrounding us. The Canadians love to party, and man did they all have a great time. Surprisingly with all the fun and festivities, I did not see one person get out of control or out of line. On the docks, Anna and I prepared ourselves for a long loud night, but much to our surprise, at five of eleven, everyone turned down their music and lowered their voices. The city dock had asked that everyone respect the noise levels at that time of night and to my shock they all did. Anna and I both thought that it would never have gone that way in the US, some jerk would have screwed it up. The most amazing thing that took place on Canada day was that Anna and I had a very unexpected guest to dinner. When we arrived in Orilla we were docked very near to a 39 ft Nordic Tug that looked to be right out of the factory. I had never seen a 39 ft Nordic before, so I was a bit shocked, I had no idea they even made one. Well was I surprised to find that not only was this the first in a line of new Tugs Nordic is putting out, but it was also being sea trialed by the president of Nordic Tug, Andy Lund. Feeling no shame, I stuck a boat card of ours in the door of the boat with a note saying how much we loved our tug. Next thing you know, Anna, myself, Bill and Laura are all sitting with Andy over wine and steak talking tugs. Every day this trip shocks me, but this evening was a top ten. If anyone knows me they know I love these boats, to have a conversation with one of the main decision makers behind the design and brand was just awesome. To top it all off he was a wonderful guest and his experiences cruising the world for four years before returning to Nordic Tug as the CEO were a joy to listen to. You will have to keep your eye out for the boat on Nantucket and the New England waters this July, Andy plans to cruise the Narraganset bay and Nantucket sound before his return to the west coast of Washington where our boat was made. I am sure if you have been following the blog some of you might be thinking, man Pete and Anna have been real lucky, it seems they have had no problems with their boat. Well this past week we did have a problem, it was as Anna and I like to call it a "Code Brown". Lets just say I now have a deep understanding of the inner workings of our head. Of all the things to brake, this was the one thing that I was most dreading. With the assistance of Bill, a man with a deep respect for the sensitivity of repairing such an item, I got the pumps working again. Tonight on the 4th of July Anna and I find ourselves anchored in a secluded bay surrounded by rock walls and pine trees. It is the perfect place to recover from the horror of the "Code Brown". We will toast our country's Independence with our new friends and try to practice what we have learned in Canada, when the sun gets low to the horizon, lower your voice look off to hills and take in the beauty of what is Canada.
Here I am standing with Andy Lund of Nordic Tugs. What a great night!

Blue anchored with the Monkey Girl in Deep Cove Ontario.

Here we are in the Ditch as they say. You can imagine the stress of having to pass a downstream boat. The sides of the canal are solid rock, it makes for stressful moments.

Anna and I have many more pictures of this area, but the internet is so slow it takes about 10 minutes to load a photo. Come back to this post in a few days, we will add them when we have a better signal. : (

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