Friday, January 29, 2010

Trawler Fest Florida

Well, it has been a wonderful few days her in ft. Lauderdale Fl. The Diesel course I took was absolutely great, and was filled with ten guys all enthusiastic about cruising and knowing more about their diesel engines. What a awesome group of people!
Anna had fun in her woman's boating course. I was shocked to here that on her first day she was behind the wheel of a 130,000 pound steel trawler and maneuvering it through the inter coastal waterway with ease. Most importantly she seems to have broken through the fear barrier and now views operating our boat as a welcome challenge. Way to go PM university, HOME RUN!
After two full days of classes, we where excited for the arrival of My Uncle. Ed and my father helped me bring or boat back to Nantucket after we purchased it in Ct. It was a great two days filled with laughs and tasteless jokes. At the end of the trip Ed was hooked. So he joined us here at Trawlerfest and with the look of a man that is about to make the best worst decision he has ever made, proceeded to shop some of the finest trawlers on the market.
At the end of the day we parted ways having not put pen to paper, yet we feel blessed to have been witness to one of the greatest parts of boating, the search.
Hope you enjoy the pics, we enjoyed taking them.

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