Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue's Makeover

Upon our arrival to Green Turtle Bay, Anna and I were filled with excitement, two wonderful things were about to happen.  First Anna's parents Fred and Janet were flying in to spend a few days with us.  Green Turtle Bay is located in an area referred to as the land between the lakes.  A large peninsula separates Barkley and Kentucky Lake and is listed as one of the hundred places a person should see before they die.  I must say with the fall colors starting to appear, it is a wonderful sight.  The second thing that is to happen is Blue is scheduled to be hauled out of the water.  When she is on the hard, we will have her bottom taken down to the original gel coat. reapply a barrier coat and get new bottom paint.  She will also have her hull buffed and waxed and new zincs put on.  As far as Anna and I can tell, Blue had about 10 coats of bottom paint on her and the harsh sun had taken a toll on her blue hull.  We were hopeful that by compounding the hull guys would be able to bring back the shine we know she deserves.   Man it was nice to see Anna's parents, the last time we saw them was when we left Brandford CT about four months ago.  Anna was over the moon with excitement.  I could tell she had been missing them terribly.  One of the hardest things about doing this trip is experiencing so many wonderful things and constantly says man I wish our parents were here, they would love this.  Fred and Janet rented one of the condo's at the marina and had a great view of the lake from their room.  Our days till Blue was pulled from the water were filled with short boat trips, on one we ventured up to a small anchorage to see Bill and Laura from Monkey Girl.  I know it was loads of fun for Fred and Janet to finally meet the two of them, we have shared lots of memories with them and now they can put a true face with the names.  Far to soon after their arrival it was time for Fred and Janet to leave us, but not before they get to see Blue be lifted out of the water.  We all watched with baited breath as the travel lift pulled our home from the water and rolled her over to the stands she would sit on till her work was complete.  With temperatures reaching record highs, Anna and I decided to bite the bullet and rent a room to stay in while  Blue as our of the water.  Having stripped a hull or two in my day, I felt for the guys as they prepped Blues Bottom for its blasting.  I can think of few things less enjoyable than sanding the bottom of a boat.  These guys attacked it with vigor and soon all the old paint was removed. Over the next four days Anna and I watched as Blues hull was transformed from a dull oxidated blob to a bright shinning mirror.  I have to admit the outcome of the compounding far exceeded our expectations.  Blue now looks like she just came off the showroom floor.  With two coats of wax on her we hope that the Florida sun will not fade her like she was.  Time will tell, for now we are so excited to have Blue looking like she does.  There is not a day that goes by that Anna and I don't say how lucky we are to have her, to have her looking like we know she should is just awesome.  On the day we put her back in the water Anna and I attacked the deck and stainless steal.  It was a hell of a job but all the work is know done.  As we sat having a beer admiring our work, a couple walked by and said to themselves what a great looking boat.  Anna and I looked at each other and smiled, it is time to move on, the warm waters of the Gulf are calling and we have alot of water to pass under the hull till we get there plus a lot of sightseeing.

The entrance to Green Turtle Bay harbor.  It might not look like much but it has become known as an oasis to anyone doing the loop.   

Fred and Janet with us on the top deck of Blue.  It was great to have them on board.

When staying at GTB you get a temporary membership to their Yacht Club,  We had a few wonderful evenings up there.  On one night we celebrated the completion of Andrews and Sallyann's Loop on their boat Freedom.  We had traveled with them in Canada and we so happy to have been with them when they crossed their wake.  Congrats guys!

The big day is here, Blue is getting pulled out of the water.

In my old job I would have no problem putting a boat in a rack 30 feet in the air, but watching Blue come out of the water sure raised my blood pressure.  Please don't let anything go wrong.

Anna and I took a few moments to see how bad her paint really was.

When our trip first started Anna and I had my dad and Uncle on board for a run from NY to Highlands NJ when we hit something huge under the water in the harbor.  With no vibration or signs of damage Anna and I passed it off as a close call.  I can tell you I had been thinking about it for the past five months.  The guys in the yard and I inspected the prop, I had dove under the boat but until now was not able to put it to rest.  Thank god, reconditioning the prop would have put us out several hundred dollars and Blue's Hull compounding would have been out of the question.

This is Bud, He is the foreman of the yard.  He and his crew did an amazing job on Blue.  Thanks Guys!

It wasn't easy but after a few hours of blasting all the bottom paint was gone.

Since we were stuck on land we all decided to head out to the wildlife preserve and see if we could see some elk and Bison.  No elk, but I don't think you can get much closer to a Bison.

I wish I could say we were having Bison.  No we had to settle for whatever the market had.

Anna found her store.

Anna reminded me that since she agreed to live on a boat for a year I would have to let her finally have a pig for a pet.  I laughed...........nervously.

I finally found a tractor for my Mom.

Getting back to the yard, we were excited to see the progress.

Anna and I were in shock, you could comb your hair in the hull.

There are times when it is hard to tell who loves the boat more, me or Anna. 

Doesn't she look great!

New Zinc's on the running gear.

I never thought she would buff out this good.

With the temperature topping 98 deg's Anna and I rented this cart to get provisions in town and haul them back to Blue.  If it's a rental don't be gentle we joked.

First Chattanooga, then Gulf Coast here we come.   Please let there be no Oil!

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  1. Blue looks so super shiny! I love how tiny Anna looks, giving Blue a hug :D