Monday, August 30, 2010


What a great town! Anna and I have had a great time running around Chicago and seeing all the sights. From the moment we arrived we were totally captivated by the feeling of this wonderful city. We docked at a marina right across from Soldier Field where we had a wonderful view of the Chicago skyline. Our days have been spent enjoying the many museums and attractions in downtown Chicago. We also had the opportunity to see Anna's Aunt and Uncle and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at one of their favorite Cajun restaurants. Having grown up and worked in and around NY city, I was shocked by the different feeling one feels when walking through Chicago. The city is much more spread out than NY, but the museums are some of the best I have ever seen. We could walk to the Field Museum, Aquarium and Planetarium right from our marina. By far my favorite was the Museum of Science and Industry, we had a blast walking through the exhibits and watching the IMAX movies. A few nights before we got to Chicago I was talking with Bill and Paul two cruising buddies of ours on Monkey Girl and Bulldog Sally. We came up with an idea to treat the ladies to a night on the town. It goes without saying that at times the men can get a bit full of themselves as they assume command of their boats and a lot of times as you call out orders while docking, it can leave the crew feeling a bit like servants. Well after many months of cruising we felt it was about time we did something to show how much we appreciate them putting up with us. So a surprise night on the town with a dinner at the famous Gibsons Steak House and a show were arranged. As it turns out it is not easy to keep a secret on a 32 ft boat, I am sure Anna smelled something cooking but she played right along. It was a great night with fine food and loads of laughs. Anna and I have made some great friends on this trip, that evening in Chicago as we danced to the music of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins at the Million Dollar Quartet will be remembered as the highlight of our time on lake Michigan.

Looking down from the top of the Sears Tower was just awesome!

This German WWII Sub was captured by the US and keep a secret till the end of the war.  The men that boarded this sub and stopped the Germans attempt to sink her may have won the war at sea.

Soldier Field was hopping as the Bears played.  The tailgate parties were out of sight.
I loved seeing the old planes in the museums.
Had to take a picture next to my dad's dream tractor.
Hard to believe this ship has been to the moon and back.
Suddenly our boat isn't looking so small.
The Field Museum.
I think I saw this in a movie.
It was great to watch the children walk up to the spacecraft with wide eyes.
Now this is how you end a day in Chicago.  How could we leave without sampling the pizza.

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