Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some great Pic's

Martie took a few great photos of our boat yesterday, it is so hard to get good pictures of your own boat so this one is a real treat. It was such a wonderful day, I keep thinking we are definitely going to pay for it. We joked that tomorrow it will most likely snow. All Jokes aside, the great weather allowed us to do some great upgrades to our new home. We installed a new cd radio so we can plug in our Ipod. (got to have good tunes on a 6500 mile trip) We also installed a loud hailer. This addition caused one of my good buddies to break out in laughter. He is aware that I grew up in NJ and in his New England bread opinion thinks it is quite fitting that a man with NJ routes would feel the need to put such an obnoxious item on their boat. I tried to defend the hailer telling him that it was for running in the fog. He just laughed and laughed. Could he be right? I loved growing up off of Sandy Hook NJ and still feel it is one of the most awesome waterfronts I know, but I do have to agree there are a few rotten apples in the Metropolitan area. Anna and I ran in to one in FL, he pulled his fully pimped out Sea Ray up to a bar and proceeded to blast Bon Jovi tunes out of is two speakers mounted aft on the top of the saloon roof. That is on top of the roof next to his radar, sat tv and every other electronic gadget know to mankind. Would you believe the name of the boat. The "Badda Bing". Oh yes this Tony Saprano want to be out of Toms River NJ is the first thing that came to mind as Frank laughed. I tell you one thing I am not going to do with the hailer, I am not going to use it to talk to Anna on the bow. That I am sure would not go over well.

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