Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is Mobey
He is the third member of our crew. We don't expect much from him besides looking cool and letting us know when the boat is rocking to much.


  1. Good Morning Pete and Anna,

    I was given your blog address by Herb Nickles of SENTOA, whom I had contacted to find active bloggers. I am doing a piece for PasageMaker Magazine on the use of blogs as a cruising communication medium.

    I envy you your trip. My wife Sue and I did the same thing about five years ago. We took a three year sabbatical on our trawler DIVA, a DeFever 49 CMY. I hope you don't mind if I stow away on BLUE YONDER.

    We share another interest: workboats. As a marine photographer I have been photographing workboats for forty years and have quite a collection. You will see many different approaches to harvesting the sea as you travel.

    I see that you are still a few months away from leaving your home port and wonder if you have used the blog on any of your previous voyages. Please share any thoughts about blogging, equipment, connectivity and intended use of maps to illustrate your course.

    Bill Jacobs
    Contributing Editor
    PassageMaker Magazine

  2. Bill-

    Thanks so much for your interest in our Blog. Anna and I look forward to posting as much information as we can about our experiences and planning. We are new to posting blogs as we were looking for a way to communicate with our friends and family while traveling and find it very fun and effective. We were inspired to blog about our boating from the Nantucket Waterfront news blog. Marty is a great photographer and avid fisherman here on the island. His site is quite popular with our island community. He is a follower of our site. I am sure you would love his shots, many of them are right up your alley. We plan to use the looper locater from the ALGCA website so our followers know where we are located. As far as connectivity we are presently researching different carriers to determing which carrier will give us the highest percent of coverage during the entire trip. We may even go with two carriers to increase our chances of being able to post and stay in touch.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, suggestions or advise as we know the more information we get the more successful we will be at staying in touch and enjoying our trip.

    Peter Gulick

  3. Hi Pete & Anna,

    we are so excited for you guys, the trip looks like a dream adventure for you both. We will have fun following you on your travels and hearing all your stories.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    See you soon,

    Deirdre, Chris & Jeffrey